Company Formation

Register Your Company in Jurisdiction of Your Choice

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  • Name Check and Approval
  • Filing with Company Registrar
  • Registered Address
  • Set of Corporate Documents
  • Payment of Government Fees

Incorporation and Management of Companies

Offshore vehicles, such as International Business Companies or Corporations, are still very popular among international investors for optimizing organizational structures and minimizing tax liabilities.

Our team has a vast experience in companies incorporation in various countries, taking into consideration the client’s needs and purposes for establishing such vehicles. We aim to provide a professional advice on both the most suitable jurisdiction and the most suitable legal form.

Our services are not merely limited to companies formation within 20 jurisdictions, but also include management of international companies or corporations, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

What you Need to Consider Before Register a Company

When registering a new company our team usually considers the following factors:

  • Company structure;
  • Price of company formation and annual maintenance fee;
  • Local laws and regulations;
  • Political and economic stability of the country;
  • Level of confidentiality;
  • Taxation and Double Taxation Treaty network for tax optimization;
  • Compliance requirements;
  • Banking facilities.

Company Formation Process

Setting up your company can be exciting, but it’s essential you’re mindful of what’s required before you begin, to save your time and money. That is the reason we are here to help you en route. The steps of the company registration involve the following:

  1. Deciding on your business structure.
  2. Choosing a jurisdiction.
  3. Checking your business name is available and registering your business name.
  4. Choosing the type and amount of capital stock.
  5. Appointment of Company officers.
  6. Application for business registration to the relevant government authority.
  7. Receiving your incorporation documents.
  8. The processing time for the company formation depends on the jurisdiction chosen, legal requirements and
  9. type of the company and may take from 1 to 10 days.

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