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  • Merchant Accounts
  • Payment Card Programs
  • Internet Law and Regulation

E-Commerce and Payment Solutions

Nowadays E-commerce is essential to the effective operation of almost all companies worldwide. In general, areas of e-commerce include: websites and mobile payment processing solutions, communication technology and digital applications – all facilitate the effective and efficient relationship and distribution management of companies on a global scale. E-commerce solutions can provide a means for international business development and lines of distribution, regardless of your company size or budget.

Merchant Account Set Up

If you want to use a payment gateway to process transactions from your website, then you need a merchant account. Merchant accounts can be opened by banks or by Payment Service Providers.

There are a variety of payment gateways and payment processors and it is vital to choose the right company for your merchant account for running a profitable online business. Finding the right acquiring bank will also ensure that your company offers high levels of security to customers. Having a merchant account that is authorized by a recognized acquiring bank will enhance fraud protection and give your customers the peace of mind to input their payment details into the internet, without concern that their information could be accessed by third parties. It is important to find an online merchant account that offers simple and straightforward solutions at competitive rates.

What to Consider when Opening a Merchant Account?

There are many things to consider before opening a merchant account. The rates and conditions will totally depend on the type and geographical area of your business, turnover, processing history, and many more other details.

  • You should analyse your target audience and credit card brands to process on your website.
  • Analyse your current and expected credit card turnover.
  • Consider your product risk specific and check with the bank or payment service provider if your type of business can be accepted for processing.
  • Check fees involved with merchant processing: transaction fee, refund fee, chargeback fee, monthly fee, rolling reserve and other additional fees.
  • Prior to starting the process, make sure you have all required licences, bank account, tax IDs, antivirus software and security standards in place.

Steps for Setting up a Merchant Account

Whether you are looking for a credit card processing or suitable account provider, all you have to do is to follow 5 easy steps.
  1. Choose credit card brand are important to you.
  2. Start looking for a bank or Payment Service Provider.
  3. Prepare your website and all legal documentation.
  4. Integrate your payment gateway.
  5. Start Processing.

Cards for your Business

Streamline your business processes through implementing different card programs: virtual cards, co-branded cards, payroll cards.

With international market constant growth, it has become essential to trade across the globe by a secure way that gives an opportunity to your clients or employees of withdrawing the money from ATMs and using at POS terminals. Payment card solutions are great alternative to bank transfers for international transfers in real-time and global access to different currencies online.

There are different type of payment plastic cards and card programs for businesses, offering different benefits and terms by banks or credit card providers. All credit, debit, prepaid or virtual card programs are usually customized to its customers, according to its specific needs.

We have the expertise to offer professional advice and guidance on a number of suitable card programs for making B2B or B2C payment. Our consultants will find you the optimum channels with best pricing for co-branded cards and corporate payments, e-Wallet and virtual cards, payroll and automated financial payments for your business.

Internet Law and Regulation Advisory

Our Digital Law Team can help with data protection and cybersecurity issues, digital intellectual property, e-commerce and regulatory framework.

The internet and digital media is an integral part of modern businesses who are using their websites or apps as key revenue streams and main advertising platforms. Whether it is IT or marketing company, financial service provider or simple online shop, it is important to comply with applicable e-commerce regulations and laws and have all required policies and terms in place.

CorpZone offers expert advice for e-commerce companies of all sizes across a variety of industries with protection of intellectual property and online copyright, drafting of website terms and conditions, designing social media policies, advising on privacy and data collection regulations.

What we can help you with?

  • Internet law advice and legal aspects of website development.
  • Data Protection and Consumer Protection laws and compliance.
  • Protection of intellectual property and copyright rights.
  • Drafting of E-commerce agreements, Cookies and Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Website User Agreements.

If your online business needs assistance with any e-commerce matter relating to the internet, our advisors can help.