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Trademarks turn an anonymous product into a unique brand with market value EU.

  • International Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Transfer

Intellectual Property and Trademark Registration

Intellectual property (IP) is anything that is an intangible creation and which has the potential to be used in commerce either immediately or in the future. Intellectual property can be in the form of ideas, inventions, artistic works, literary works, music, names, designs, logos and symbols, and these are categorized into; copyrights, patents, industrial designs and trademarks.

By obtaining the rights over your intellectual property you are given exclusive rights to it in all countries where the property is registered. By owning your intellectual property, whether it be a trademark, patent or copyright, you are effectively preserving your rights to using the mark and if you so wish you can sell your rights to a third party. Registering your trademark will increase your brand awareness, heighten consumer loyalty and prevent competitors from passing off or infringing your trademark rights.

Trademark Registration Process Overview

  1. Identify the type of intellectual property you need to protect:
    • The Trademark protects logos and brand names;
    • Patents protect inventions;
    • A copyright protects artistic or literary work.
  2. Check if your trademark is registrable and qualified for registration.
  3. Choose your mark’s format: a word, phrase, sound or design.
  4. Identify the category and classes of your goods and services.
  5. Decide jurisdiction where to register your trademark.
  6. Do your research to determine if the mark you intend to use has already been registered by someone else on related goods or services.
  7. Choose under whose name to register your trademark.
  8. Prepare your application, pay processing fee and submit to Trademark Office of a particular jurisdiction. You should be aware that all information you submit to the Trademark Office will be publicly available.
  9. Monitor application status. The trademark registration processing time may take from 3 to 6 months.
  10. Receive approval or denial of your application.
  11. Keep your mark active. Trademarks are renewed every 10 years by filing out a renewal form.

How we Can Help

CorpZone can provide trademark registration advice and guidance for individuals and companies seeking to undertake trademark registration. Our services comprise of trademark advice, search, registration and renewal. We have global resources available to provide these services on an international scale, especially in jurisdictions where only licensed local attorneys who specialize in trademark matters are permitted to represent you before Trademark Office.

  • Advice
    We will classify goods and services and identify if your mark is protectable.
  • Search
    We will conduct a trademark search through international databases before filing your application.
  • Registration
    Our registration services are offered in the majority of countries across the globe. Our consultants can ensure that your mark complies with relevant trademark law.
  • Renewal
    After trademark registration, we can help you to file all required documents for your trademark renewal.
    Please Contact Us if you have any questions or if wish to proceed with the trademark registration.